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ASTM F792-OE Step Wedge X-Ray Test Object Case

APCOR Laboratories ASTM F792-OE Step Wedge Test Object Case is used to calibrate and evaluate performance levels of X-ray screening systems for objective evaluation to score technical capabilities of the system per the new f792-17e1 standard. To meet the need for testing sophisticated X-ray systems, the new ASTM F792-OE test object is manufactured to strictly comply with the FAA, TSA, Transport Canada, and DHS requirements.

We also have the previous versions original ASTM stepwedges if required, and can build larger kits for vehicle or container screening compliance.

Our ASTM F792-OE test object case was developed specifically to meet the enhanced multi test x-ray test standard that essentially replaces the previous standards

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ASTM F792-OE Step Wedge X-Ray Test Object Case