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ASTM F792 Step Wedge X-Ray Test Object Case

APCOR Laboratories ASTM F792-08 Step wedge test object case is used to calibrate and evaluate performance levels of X-ray screening systems in nine distinct test areas using multiple x-ray test pieces. To meet the need for testing sophisticated X-ray systems, the new ASTM F792 Step Wedge is manufactured to strictly comply with the FAA, TSA, Transport Canada, and DHS requirements.

We also have the original ASTM F792-88 10 Step stepwedge if required, and can build larger kits for vehicle or container screening compliance.

Our ASTM F792-08 step wedge was developed specifically to meet the enhanced multi test x-ray test standard that essentially replaces the ASTM F792-88 standard, as well as the ASTM F792-01 (e2) case.

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ASTM F792 Step Wedge X-Ray Test Object Case